NEW screw removal locking pliers

It looks like Engineer has significantly improved its screw removal pliers by making a locking pliers version. (I believe these are marketed as Vampliers in the US.)

I haven’t tried the locking version yet, but they’ve got to be a massive improvement. I’ve struggled with Vampliers on many occasions, where locking pliers would have been far better.

All my Engineer tools are excellent quality, so I’ve high hopes for these new pliers. Like any locking pliers, a key question will be how tough the jaws are.


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Engineer makes other high quality tools a well. This is a welcome addition - similar to a tool called “Claw Jaws 7GR” made by a company called Xtricator - in the 1980’s - and no longer available.

GripOn also makes locking pliers with a lateral grove cut in the jaws:

They also have a 122-10G, and SnapOn may sell something similar

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I wonder what it would be like to turn these pliers axially to bring the screw out. I have used Vise-Grips that way. The grip was fine, even without the clever central tooth these Engineers have. But it was awkward to turn the Vise-Grips, because they didn’t line up with the screw. Not even close. But maybe there is nothing they can do about that.

Fred, do you know if Grip-On still sells the Groovy Grip locking pliers?


They’re still on the Grip-On website, but I can’t see them for sale anywhere.

I linked (above) to the 122-07 size - on sale on Amazon US

and see the 122-10 on Amazon UK

and on eBay

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Chad’s Toolbox has the 10" version, but I can’t find the 7" ones anywhere. Out of stock in your link.

Amazon says “temporarily out of stock” on the 7 inch one

Bumped to ask has anyone seen these Grip-On Groovy Grip pliers yet?

Also, I wonder why the Engineer’s jaw has an M-shaped jaw for screw holding. Whereas Grip-On’s Groovy Grip uses a V-shaped jaw for the same purpose.

Good tool, never saw them before.

Albeit a year or two after my original post, I bought Engineer’s screw removal locking pliers. It turns out these pliers are awesome, and I highly recommend them.