New Tekton tools

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but Tekton has some new things on their website. SOme caught my interest

  1. USA Made Flare nut and standard CROW Foot wrenches. In sets with 2 different holder styles. I already have flare nut crowfoots in SAE size - but I think I’m going to order 3 specific metric sizes out of theirs and the tool holder. the 3 metric sizes I want are 10,12, and 14mm - why - hydraulic and fuel lines on my devices at home. But they are listed as US made and fairly comparable to the ones I currently have.

  2. Combination wrench sets with wall hanger holders - and the wall hanger holder by itself. It’s sadly sold as one piece but it looks well made and while I’d hate to I’d probably take one and cut it in half or such for my use. Looks like a neat holder setup - not sure I need it, but I in general like the idea.

  3. Service wrenches also Made in USA. This is like a crowfoot but with extension or think of them as a open end wrench with a 3/8 or 1/2 drive socket tang on the other side. Look to be 6+ inch long. I’ve never used any but I’ve seen people use this for 2 things usually breaking free items with minimal clearance. I notice they are SAE size only.

Key thing - I see they are making more stuff in USA.

thought I would post about it if nobody’s noticed.

If you get any of those crowfoot flare nut wrenches please share your thoughts on them. I’ve kicked around the idea of buying a set but I don’t need them often enough to justify tool truck money.
I started buying Tekton’s normal (not flare style) crowfoot wrenches a couple years ago. They seem good, I haven’t had one fail yet. I did notice that one of them seemed to have moved in the fixture when the machinery was engraving the size on the wrench so one of the numerals is a little hard to read but otherwise I’ve been happy with them.