New tool from FasttCap

We have a new tool from FastCap.

It is the first quick release(no threading) mandrel that does not require attaching adapters(Bosch, Diablo, etc…) to all of your hole saw bits.We are all aware of the downside with these adapters.

1.) You never seem to have a spare(or can't find it) when you get a new hole saw bit. 

2.) They can be a bit finicky to attach and keep aligned 

3.) Your hole saw bits no longer fit in the blow molded case they came in

4.) Sharing or using anyone elses bits on the jobsite is no longer an option

5.) Of course, extra cost.!prettyPhoto

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I had not seen this one yet. I seem to get emails from Fastcap fairly regularly that promote new products.

It went online Monday, but new product emails have not been sent out yet.

Another Product video with a little more detail…