Nice Wera Haul This Morning From KC Tool

Gents, I had to share a nice experience from this morning. I have really gotten into German hand tools these last ten years. Particularly pliers. However, I had always wanted to try one of the ergonomic handle models from Wera. So a few months back I purchased a very common model for most U.S. electrical work. Any work for that matter. A #2 Philips with 100mm(~4 inches) shaft. I was not sure what to think of the grip shape having used Klein cushion grips for decades. Now unlike some reports, I have never had an issue with the Kleins. In fact, even after years of use they are in nearly new condition. Other than the typical fading of the markings on the end of the handles, the shafts are perfect as are the tips. So no ‘need’ for new drivers but since when did that stop anybody around here?

I took the new Wera to work and suffice it to say after a few months I have purchased a number of them and really like the whole ratio of handles to tip size and all that. So whilst looking around the web for more German hand tools I came across a company called KC Tool. Address is While their selection is pretty good, the pricing for Knipex and some other products is fairly steep. I was getting my Knipex from Chad’s and likely still will but their Wera selection is good and prices reasonable on most of it. What’s more, I found their store was about twenty-five miles from my home! And yes, they sell over the counter and honour warranties. So today I was off work and trundled over to the shop and bought a Wera Tool Check set in imperial sizes and seven piece set of their precision screwdrivers. That set contains 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4mm slotted heads and #0 and #1 Philips. Truly nice for industrial controls and other uses where full size drivers are too large to work well. So, if you are near the K.C. metro area you may want to look them up. They are located in Olathe, Ks.

I’ve ordered from KCtool at least a half dozen times now and everything has been great. Free shipping on orders above $50 and there is a toolguyd discount code you can use as well. I check their “tool of the day” religiously, they run sweet deals all the time.

Thank you Cory. I did not know about the toolguyd discount I will have to try that the next time. And I will certainly be looking up the deals of the day. Thanks again.

I do a lot of drooling over the KC Tool site and I too watch their tool of the day videos on Instagram. I’ve only ordered from them once and it was a positive experience (a set of Wera Lasertip screwdrivers).

While the Lasertips are really nice, I’m just not sold on the Wera handles. I really like the Felo Ergonic handles.

Ben, funny how that goes. also carries a big selection of the Felo Ergonics in store. I did not care for the grip shape at all compared to the Wera. YMMV and all that.

As an aside, and I should have mentioned this in the opening post, they have a six piece box set of Felo Ergonics in stainless steel for 20 bucks! They are a bit odd for some of the tips but hey, two or three could be useful and would make the per unit cost very cheap.

They had about twenty boxes of these on display in the store front and when I asked about the low price the counter guy told me it was a Bondhus decisiin. They are the North American distributor for Felo and he said sometimes they get a bunch of extra things in and need to move them. He thought it may be that the distributor had to take X amount of items at a time to make the shipping containers cost effective and it is just cheaper to sell them off rather than ship them back. Just guessing though, I don’t want to put words in his mouth.

If you like, give them a call and ask about the tips in the set. I just can’t remember since I was not interested in them. Good guys to talk with from what I experienced.

I too like KCTool -especially since you can more often than not tell what’s in stock.
I’ve also bought from Chads Toolbox - often in multiple quantities ( e.g. 10 of this and 20 of that) - but knowing what’s in stock with them is sometimes sketchy.

Crawford Tool is another source - but I have not used them much: