Non-marring screwdrivers?

What sort of screw drivers do you guys use for finishing work? Specifically, light fixtures.

We have a bunch of brass, oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures. The screws are also brass and very easy to mar the oil-rubbed bronze finish off of. Also have some porcelain fixtures that I’d like to not scratch.

Some of the screws are in tight positions so I’ve been using a metal offset screwdriver with tape wrapped around the blade, but the screws still get a bit disfigured.

Does anyone make a tough plastic offset screwdriver or something for these sorts of delicate applications?

Plastic (often nylon) and ceramic screwdrivers are made - mostly for ESD safe electronic use. I’m not sure how much torque can be applied with any of these and I’ve never seen offset styles.

I have seen bronze offset screwdrivers that might prove to have less potential for marring:


Use liquid electrical tape to coat your screw driver tip…


Brilliant idea. I will try that next time. I love that stuff.

Look at the gunsmithing screwdriver bits from Brownells in Montezuma IA. These are made for them by Apex Tools. They’re hollow-ground and available in a wide variety of blade widths and thicknesses to enable a perfect fit. You don’t want to be disassembling a vintage S&W revolver or Purdey shotgun and mangle the screws!

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