NOS Craftsman on eBay

Hey folks, i’m new. Just signed up, and i’m looking for help/advice on buying used and/or new old stock “made in usa” Craftsman tool sets on eBay. I’m eyeing up a 193 pc set, NOS. My question i guess is pricing and value. I don’t remember how much these kits cost when they were new at Sears and i dont know what they’re worth now. This particular kit is $299.99 plus shipping. Does this sound like a good deal? My first instinct is to grab it before it’s gone! I’m trying to build a kit, I buy American made products as much as possible… especially when it comes to tools. I would much rather buy all new S.K. sets but that will run into money, and I think that these NOS Craftsman sets are just fine. It’s what my dad always used and I don’t ever recall him ever having to replace anything over the years save for a screwdriver or a socket maybe once or twice. Additionally if Craftsman is going to start making tooks stateside again, i hopefully wont have to worry about replacing a broken Made in USA tool with an imported one. Thanks in advance with any advice/insight!

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I sell quite a bit of craftsman on eBay and it’s really hard to say without any specifics on the item you’re looking at.

I will say ask for some closeup pics of the sockets, at the end of the US socket run on craftsman some were not of the best quality.

I would also look at Epstein’s (google Epstein tool if you’re not familiar with them) lots of discontinued USA and craftsman there.

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I’ve been having great luck (and fun too) searching up good old hand tools at pawn shops & flea markets. Usually have to spend some time with a wire wheel & WD40 can, but I’ve ended up with a great collection.
I’ve used eBay to fill in some gaps when I get too bugged to wait to finish out a set of whatever.

One of these days I will likely start on sockets - but oof, there are so many sockets, all usually in a jumble in a bucket or something, and a lot of Chinesium - gotta sit down and sort them out. Haven’t gotten to that yet.

Pawn shops are good for construction tools as well, especially since they gain no advantage by selling anyone junk - so they try to avoid buying it in the first place. If what you bought turns out to be a dud, they’re likely to work out a swap.

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