NOS Craftsman on eBay

Hey folks, i’m new. Just signed up, and i’m looking for help/advice on buying used and/or new old stock “made in usa” Craftsman tool sets on eBay. I’m eyeing up a 193 pc set, NOS. My question i guess is pricing and value. I don’t remember how much these kits cost when they were new at Sears and i dont know what they’re worth now. This particular kit is $299.99 plus shipping. Does this sound like a good deal? My first instinct is to grab it before it’s gone! I’m trying to build a kit, I buy American made products as much as possible… especially when it comes to tools. I would much rather buy all new S.K. sets but that will run into money, and I think that these NOS Craftsman sets are just fine. It’s what my dad always used and I don’t ever recall him ever having to replace anything over the years save for a screwdriver or a socket maybe once or twice. Additionally if Craftsman is going to start making tooks stateside again, i hopefully wont have to worry about replacing a broken Made in USA tool with an imported one. Thanks in advance with any advice/insight!

I sell quite a bit of craftsman on eBay and it’s really hard to say without any specifics on the item you’re looking at.

I will say ask for some closeup pics of the sockets, at the end of the US socket run on craftsman some were not of the best quality.

I would also look at Epstein’s (google Epstein tool if you’re not familiar with them) lots of discontinued USA and craftsman there.

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