October -> November deal transition & Ryobi P770 One+ 6 gallon vac info

I suppose TTI is on a similar schedule for all their divisions, because both Ryobi and Milwaukee have their quarter promotions change at the same time, which was yesterday!

The Ryobi promotions this time around have a few interesting tidbits I figured I’d share, since I haven’t seen them here yet and others may be interested. I’m not as much a fan of the Milwaukee deals this time around, but I’m sure Black Friday and after will introduce worthwhile deals that just aren’t part of their current regular promotions. Same with Makita too, not a fan myself of their current deals, but hopeful for some to come up.

Here’s the link to ryobi’s promotion page:

Some new tools in there worth noting-
P770 6 gal one+ cordless shop vac. Reportedly it has 80CFM, which makes sense for a larger non-Dustbuster vacuum. The hoses are standard 1 7/8” (medium size of HD’s accessories). The filter isn’t the same as the Ridgid vac filters, but looks similar in size, I’ll post a reply once I compare with a ridgid replacement in store to see if minor modifications could make it work. I also believe the small size 3-4.5 gal bags might work with this vacuum, I’ll let everyone know on that front as well. I get hitting the $99 price point with it, but I would have loved to see a hybrid option, even if it increases costs up to 149 or similar. Also, runtime is still a question mark, and ryobi doesn’t seem to want to provide ballparks on their Facebook either, citing too many variables. I’ll be picking this up for the garage as soon as it hits my local HD.

Edit: The filter does have the same inner dimensions as the Ridgid filters. The stock filter has a bit less girth, but the extra diameter of the ridgid filter doesn’t interfere with anything. All of the full-height Ridgid filters do fit and work on this vacuum (VF4000, VF5000, VF6000), and didn’t seem to leak sucking up drywall dust to test. I will note that neither the included filter nor the ridgid ones seem to seat very well if you put them on the mounting post first (but they didn’t leak… so I guess it works). This vac is kind of weird, the filter mounting post is on the bottom tank piece (the green piece), rather than on the top motor housing and filter basket (the gray piece). If you look through the intake, both filters leave about 1/2" of space between the top of the filter and the bottom of the housing if you sit the motor onto a filter attached to the post. They both seem to seal okay even so, and the ridgid filters do fit on that bottom post just fine. However, I’d probably recommend putting the filter on the motor housing first and ignoring the post on the bottom, both the stock and the ridgid filters fit nicely snug and make a good seal applied that way.
With regards to bags, since this was also a question on the HD website, Ryobi says no, I say yes. It’s a standard 1 7/8" intake, and looks just like the ones on the ridgid vacs. It even has the double ring so that the bag’s rubber gasket can catch in between and hold and seal nicely. The only caveat is the intake is a little close to the top of the vac here. I didn’t have to modify any of the bags or cut the cardboard or anything, but the 6-9 gallon ridgid bags did sit pretty high, and will get pressed down by the top just a tiny bit. Shouldn’t really matter in the long run. That said, I think the 3-4.5 gallon ridgid bags fit a little better, since they’re shorter but longer than the 6-9 gallon bags, they fit the shape of the vacuum a bit better. Same deal there, they’re maybe a little close to the top, but better than the 6-9 gal bags, and also don’t require any kind of modification or anything, and they seat and seal just fine.
In short, Ridgid full height filters (including the HEPA filter) and Ridgid bags (3-4.5 gal or 6-9 gal) work with this vacuum without any modification needed. The 80 CFM puts it between the 6 gallon 3.5 HP ridgid (60 CFM) and the 5.0 HP 4 gallon ridgid (110 CFM). I find the suction to be quite good. There is no blower port, if anyone is wondering. I don’t have runtime numbers yet either, but it’s lasted more than 20 minutes on my P105 battery with no power loss.

P718K cordless evercharge brushless stick vacuum - this is ryobi’s version of a Dyson handheld, or the bissell multi stick, or the other various cordless stick vacuums. Information I’ve been able to find is sparse, the main points being HEPA filter and 45 minute runtime, presumably with the 4 Ah battery. At $199, this is a bit high for what I’d expect from a ryobi tool, and much as I am known to buy way too many vacuums, I might wait on this one to see what reviews say or get some more information first before plunking down that kind of change. I’d like to see a tool only version, since I have enough batteries to dedicate one to this, but since the assumption is the battery never leaves the vacuum, I can see why they don’t do that here.

P318 23ga airstrike pin nailer - finally! Getting this too as soon as it hits my local HD, it’ll be a great complement to the 18ga pinner and the crown stapler (I mainly nail small projects together, so can’t justify replacing any of my other pneumatic nailers yet, but this let’s me cut the cord on the 23ga, which is probably 80% of my pneumatic nailing use anymore)

Various new or new-ish brushless tools, the standout in my mind being the 2200in-lb impact driver P238.

Their main deal is buy a brushless hammer drill kit with 1 4Ah Lithium+ battery at $149, get another tool free. This includes their new top tier brushless tools, which is awesome. Back early in the year during ryobi days, there was a similar deal but with a brushed drill and 2 regular (black) 1.5 Ah lithium batteries for $99, then get a tool free, but the free tools were only up to like $79. Assuming the 4Ah battery would be about $50 to buy as part of their 2 pack for $99 deal, that makes the hammer drill $100. If you were going to get any other of the brushless tools anyway, this is a pretty good deal, since you would basically get the hammer drill and battery and charger for $50. This actually might make a good upper-tier gift, you’re not getting ryobi’s starter tools or even the regular ones, but the top tier brushless ones. If you don’t plan on getting one of the brushless tools as your freebie, I’d argue this isn’t as good of a deal, and the regular tier drill for $99 and a free cheaper tool (like the dual inflator) if they ever bring that back (ryobi days 2018?) is better for you.

The other item I noticed that stuck out, The P785 hybrid cable light has significantly decreased in price. Edit: This was an advertising mistake, the light is still $99 :frowning:.

Ryobi’s “non core” tools, which to me are what makes the system, are usually priced so that a sale does very little for them. The high volume inflator is one good example. Some get like $5 off, but if you need it, the possibility of one latte if it goes on sale shouldn’t stop you, similarly if you don’t need it, saving $5 isn’t so great that you should rush out to get it.

I’ll also note that there may be other good deals and sale prices in there among ryobi’s more “core” tools or the kits. I have Milwaukee and some makita repeats for all the core things, so I don’t keep up with ryobi on those and thus can’t provide good insight.

Thanks for the update. I’m getting the 23 gauge pin nailer!

Unfortunately the cable light is $99, and that is now corrected. But, a hot deal update:
The $99 2-pk of 4Ah batteries qualify as a free tool! Not just the regular 1 pack that is normally $99. So getting those as your free item, you get the hammer drill, it’s included 4Ah battery and charger, and 2 more 4Ah batteries all for $149. That’s like 3 batteries for $50 each and a free drill and charger!

I’m using the batteries in the detached garage to run the shop vac that is coming tomorrow, another will run the cable lights that are strung up in there, and another will run the fan. Then I have the two slim batts from the ryobi days drill kit to spare… super excited!

Cross-posting from the front page P770 post. For shore power Ryobi should have done like they do with their transfer pump – use an external 18 V adapter to step the mains power down to 18 V.
An interesting science project could be to use the top of a dead One+ battery and wire it to a 3 pin male connector like is on the transfer pump.
I like that this vac can use bags – we have a couple of acres so going outside to dump a bagless vac is less of an issue. For certain tasks you probably don’t want to dump the vac contents – so having the bag option is great.
One thing I like about the Milwaukee M18 2 gal vacuum is the blowing feature. I put a dust mask on then I can blow the filter clean. As well as blowing the dust off the vac after dumping it. The Milwaukee’s noise sure is a negative - so I use ear plugs or ear muffs.