Old Industrial Equipment Parts

Hey guys,

I have a couple of old Invicta brand machines. I’m trying to find replacement parts for them. The problem is that I cannot find anywhere that caries the Invicta brand. I believe it’s out of business but it may have some relationship with Delta or Rockwell.

One of the machines I have is a TI-14 Shaper. Its a 7.5hp 220v 3ph machine. I believe I need a new spindle directional switch for it.

The other machine I have is an RJ-42 16" Jointer. It too is 220v 3ph. I need a new spring for the cutter guard. Obviously the machine still works without the guard but I do feel safer with it on.

So two questions,

  1. where do I find old weird parts for equipment?
  2. what can you tell me about Invicta?

Thanks for your help!

From my limited recollection - Invicta was set up in Brazil as some sort of affiliate of Delta - and operated making heavy duty machines during the era when Rockwell International (the now defunct aerospace conglomerate) owned Delta. Some Delta equipment was co-branded with the Invicta name. I don’t know if they are still in business - but a Google search did not locate them.

Does the spindle reverse switch control the rotation of the spindle? I’m picturing a three way switch, forward on, reverse on, center = off. There should be any number of common replacements.

As for the spring, i suppose it could be proprietary but most likely not. Hard to say without a picture.

That switch might just be a SPDT or DPDT switch - but you may need to figure out its rating. For example does it carry the full current and amperage of the motor - or is it just part of a control circuit carrying a lesser voltage and current?

Here’s a link to one possible switch:


or this wall switch style: