Orchard Supply Hardware Shuttering / Permanent Closing

For those in the know, they announced OSH will be permanent closing by the end of the year.

I thought I’d post this here to see if anyone knows of the “sales” they will have. Supposedly it starts tomorrow.

On another note, I’m pretty bummed as it was my go-to for actual “hardware”.

I went by today to see if there was any OSH branded items to buy before any sales, but they only had bags. I wanted something to remember them by.

what area of the country is that located. I’ve never seen one. I’m in the mid-south, north MIssissippi.

I read about this and Lowes’s closing some stores and thinning out inventory etc to keep up with Home Depot earnings. so might be interesting with them taking on craftsman as a brand.

California, Florida, and some other places … they started today with 10% off.

I don’t realy know much about OSH butmdidn’t Lowe’s just buy them a little over a year ago? I don’t knowmwhy these companies buy these other ones and then just blow the investment off like that. I mean, I get it when they buy a like rival to get rid of competition. But I would have thought they did this to get into the hardware business. If so and they botched it then I really feel for the employees and management who were unable to weather it out. I hope it was notmsome master plan all along.

I think OSH was going under about 5 years ago and Lowe’s tried to “save” them and remodeled stores, pushed for making it more upscale, but it didn’t work. I think they did somewhat try to save them. Most DIY’ers can’t distinguish a hardware store from a home improvement store and generally overlooked OSH. Too bad, really.

We’ve got one a few blocks from our shop. Right now it seems to be 10% off most stuff (including tools and accessories), and 30% off fasteners, cabinet knobs, and the like.
They do have a couple nice Hitachi nailguns, but the prices are still a little higher than online, so I’ll wait and see if they drop a bit more.