Pancake Air Compressor with Hose Reel

I have a Campbell Hausfeld 2 HP 4 gal pancake air compressor that’s got to be over 15 years old but still works great. I only use it to air up tires nowadays but as I’m getting up in age and a bad back it’s harder for me to move the thing around.

Is there any reason why I can’t use a air hose reel with it… something like this Klutch?

Wasn’t sure if there was some technical reason why you couldn’t use a little pancake compressor with a hose reel… did figure I would have get some adapters for connection.

It will work fine. The compressor will cycle a little more than you’re used to to pressurize that line, but after that it will work fine. You will need 1/4 to 3/8” adapters on both ends of the hose reel to connect the fittings.

Alerternatively, you could put the compressor on a dolly with casters which would make it easy to move. But if the hose on that reel reaches everywhere you want, that’s easier.

Thanks Raj just what I wanted to hear! So I’ll need two 1/4 to 3/8” adapters but what if I also wanted some quick disconnects… maybe you could provide some links?

Sure, so the two adapters are like this one:

For the the 1/4” connectors on either end of the hose, you should be able to recycle the connectors on your existing air hose. If you want all new fittings, this Milton kit has everything:

Thanks Raj I really appreciate that!

I’m sorry… I have to know… What made you think you COULDN’T use a hose reel on your compressor? The longer the hose, the more time it takes to fill it to max capacity, but as long as you accept those kinds of conditions, you just have to weigh the refill time against your patience for getting things done with it, and not use a hose that would exceed that time.

A castor platform would probably be more efficient for you, just for maximizing fill rate and pressure retention, but if you’re having trouble with your back, then the dragging of the compressor on castors is going to be just as painful as lifting it around all the time. And this, too, you have to weigh as a pro or con for yourself.

Yeah, you have to use tools properly, and maintain them in order to do what you do. But, think about it a second. Your health is part of your tool kit. If you need that 50’ hose reel to ease your back strain, then you do whatever is necessary to outfit yourself with it! Your Pancake Compressor survived you for 15 years, yeah? It can handle something so simple as a longer hose on a reel, if that is what it takes for you to use it.

Well simply put and maybe dumb of me but thought maybe you needed something bigger than a 2 HP compressor in order to use a hose reel.

That’s a good reason. It’s not dumb of you. I’m sure a more powerful compressor would help with the patience thing, but as long as you know you need an extra second or two to get pressure in it, I think you’ll be okay!

Just, take care of your back, okay? Once this setup you’ve got planned is in place, I really hope it helps. Gotta keep yourself as healed and healthy as you can, just like caring for your tools, you gotta care for yourself!