Pliers - Some Different Types


Over on the main ToolGuyd site there have been several recent posts about pliers. I thought, therefore to provide a listing of some of the types that I knew about. And – since a picture is wort a thousand words – I have provided some Amazon links to some examples. I make no claim that the list is comprehensive – and I invite other to post about other styles and brands of pliers that they know about. I chose to link mostly to Amazon – frankly because it was easy – not because they have the best price etc. If looking for anything to buy I always shop around – and advise other to do so too. As far as the examples go – I chose what was easiest to find – and I make no claim that what’s posted is the best in class – or even good examples. I personally like pliers from USA brands like Channellock and Klein, but also believe that Knipex and NWS make some excellent pliers in Europe. So here goes – in more or less alphabetical order:

Axial Locking Pliers (come in a variety of configurations from Gripon, Knipex etc.):

Adel Clamp Pliers

Bail-making pliers

Battery Pliers

Bead Holding pliers

Bicycle pliers

Brake pliers

Bulb Pliers

BX Pliers

Cable Cutters

Cable tie cutter

Camloc Pliers

Capillary tube cutter

Car Door Pliers

Car Trim Pliers

Clamping Pliers:

Cleco Pliers

Clutch Pliers

Coil cutting pliers

Combination pliers

Conduit pliers

Cotter pin pliers


CV Boot Clamp Pliers

Dimpling pliers

Duct puller

Exhaust hanger pliers

Expanding Locking Pliers:

Eyeglass pliers

EZ Clip and E-Clip Pliers

Fence pliers

Flanging pliers

Fluting pliers

Funnel pliers

Glass and Stained Glass pliers'S+GRINDER'S+MATE

Glow Plug pliers

Gripper pliers

Hackle Pliers

Hi-Lok pliers

Hog ring pliers

Hole punch pliers

Hose and hose clamp pliers

Hose Fitting pliers

Jeweler’s pliers

Lamp Chain Pliers

Leatherwork pliers

Lock nut pliers

Lock ring pliers

Locking Pliers

Loop pliers

Mandrel pliers

Model RR and model plane pliers

Industrial design student designing a new kind of pliers

It seems that I got carried away with my original post and had to break it off at “M” – so here is “N through Z”:

Nail Puller


Need-L-Lock pliers

Nose Pliers


Nut Holders

Oil Filter pliers

Parallel Jaw Pliers

Piston Ring pliers

Photo etch trimmer

Pipe/Plumbing Pliers:

Plank bender

Primer bulb pliers

Refrigerant recovery pliers

Relay pliers

Rivet pliers©-Portable-Grommet-Punching-Machine/dp/B0131SOOYK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1469187468&sr=8-2&keywords=TAPE+REPAIR+RIVET+SETTING+PLIERS

Safety wire twister

Screw pliers

Seaming pliers

Shock shaft pliers

Siding pliers

Slip Joint pliers

Snap ring pliers

Snap setting pliers

Soft Jaw pliers

Spark plug pliers

Split ring pliers

Spray head pliers

Sprue cutter

Strain relief pliers

Stud Cone pliers

Tie Tensioner pliers

Tile pliers

Toggle Clamp pliers:

Tongue and Groove pliers

Tube cutting pliers

Upholstery pliers

Valve Stem Pliers

Washing machine pliers

Weeding pliers

Welder’s pliers

Wheel hub and lug nut pliers

Windshield wiper pliers

Wire cutting pliers

Wiring duct cutter

Wrench pliers

Z Bender


Some additional pliers that I could not find on my initial searches on Amazon:

Cable coiling pliers

Carriage Bolt pliers

Ceiling grid punch

Chain pliers

Condenser pliers

Door skin pliers

Eyeglass pliers

Gate Clip pliers

Grommet Stretching pliers

IET Connector pliers

Insinkerator pliers

Lockring pliers

Spark plug gapping pliers

Spoke nippers

Spring Clip pliers


Some other Grip-on Plier-Clamps

Some Other Bessey Plier-Clamps


Still more pliers - many are from European manufacturers


Non-Sparking Pliers


Still some more:


Three more:




I’ll have to read this over the weekend, got tired after page 2.

What a list, thanks Fred!


Thanks - hope you find it interesting

While I’m at it I thought to add:

Hemostat-Type forceps while not exactly pliers – come in handy for many tasks – they come in a variety of sizes in both straight and curved patterns

Also in Double-X design – come both straight and curved

The style sometime called an ear polypus is also useful – come from 3.5 inch to about 12 inch

For those of us who are vertically challenged (aka short) or have a tough time bending – there are various grabbers available – that are sort of large pliers/tongs/tweezers


Tongs, while also not exactly pliers, can perform tasks like gripping and holding.

Log Tongs

Blacksmith/Farrier Tongs – only a few examples

Lab Tongs

Jeweler’s Tongs


Reading the Toolguyd post about DIN-Mounted terminal blocks – I thought to add a few pertinent pliers:

Some Wago Operating Tool Pliers





Wiring duct cutters

DIN Rail Cutter – Long-Handle Pliers-Type

Weidmeuller knockout pliers


Square profile

Hex profile


Trapezoidal Crimp

Contour Crimp



A few more:


Over at ToolGuyd - Stuart just posted about some brands of precision pliers

That got me thinking about some other types:


Over on ToolGuyd the continuing discussion included other plier vendors such as Helmut Schmitz:

And CK (Carl Kammerling)


A few more:


Tattoo Pliers