Pop Rivet Setter Attachments for Cordless Drivers


I got an email from Astro Pneumatic tools about a new rechargeable LED light that they sell, Linked to the page on the light was other new tools from Astro that include adapters to use with your cordless drill or drive to set pop rivets and riv-nut inserts.

In the shop we had Marson, Huck and USM hand and pneumatic rivet guns - and at home I have some manual guns - plus an old Sears Hydraulic gun - but these attachments were new to me.

I have no idea how well any of the variants work - and they seem to get mixed reviews on Amazon but I thought to provide some links:

The Astro Pneumatic items:

Some other ones listed on Amazon:


Interesting. Guess they’re effectively an add on to give you the equivalent of this:
Dewalt Powered Riveter


Probably not really equivalent - but certainly cheaper (at least based on Amazon prices:

Amazon also lists these:


Those look interesting. I’ve been wanting a rivnut tool since inheriting a bunch of the hardware a couple of years ago.


Unless you have hand/grip strength issues, an inexpensive hand tool probably would suit your needs - if you only do the occasional job:


Study carry this one at menards. I bought one for work


there’s also the newer milwaukee m12 device. probably does a great job for the price. Other than pneumatic setters those electric ones cost a small fortune for what they do. Mostly because they are production style capacity machines. you probably don’t need that.


I’ve not used the Milwaukee one, but it seems to get good reviews. I really like that it catches the cut-off ends, as they always seem to go everywhere when I use the manual tool.