Porter Cable Impact Wrench


I found this link but I have not seen it in stock yet on amazon or lowes. I am a porter cable 20v guy myself and like all the tools but the specs on this seem fairly weak

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That does seem weak, a much older nicad DeWalt is rated a 300 ft-ibs… That’s kinda sad considering all the rest of their tools perform very well. Still it’s nice to see another tool in the PC stable.


I found this link just a bit ago while trying to find out more info on it. this has it rated at 330 which is about what most of the 1/2 impact wrenches are rated at. most are rated right around 300 ft/lbs of torque give or take a little bit.

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That sounds better, often Amazon specs tend to be wrong on pre release items.

Just read this https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/power/cordless/drills-drivers-cordless/porter-cable-20v-max-impact-wrench/27109/
Which confirms the 330 ft-ibs.

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almost a month later i have still yet to find it in stores or available online anywhere


Shows in store location at my local Lowe’s but not available for pickup… Probably doesn’t help much but would be worth checking for in the coming days etc.