Porter Cable PCB660DP drill press - spindle doesn't turn

Just as the title says. I just put together the PC drill press - not hard given the manual and a YouTube video. However… upon powering it on, the spindle does not turn at all. I tried with/without the spindle arbor. I keep thinking there is something preventing the spindle from turning. Any ideas from anyone? Thanks=

If you can hear the motor turning, it’s possible that the belt needs to be tensioned. If the belt is loose, it won’t turn the spindle.

If so, the manual should have advice about the tensioning process.

Less likely is that the pulley retaining nut has come off allowing the pulley to ride up and come off its drive key.
The pulley keyway may also have failed.

In both of these scenarios I would think you would have heard some rather large amount of noise associated with the failure.

TooGuyD, you were spot on. Thanks so much. Tightened the belts and everything worked. Thanks again!