Potential Dewalt Riding Lawnmower

Sure looks like a battery powered zero-turn is coming to the table?

Link from Dewalt “Re-Energize” Email

shame they are some 3 years behind. or more.

I think it was called Big Green equipment or mean green equipment. something like that but they made the first electric recharge ride on. a 42 inch zero turn and a 36 inch stand on. and they expanded from there.

Today some others followed suit. But interesting nonetheless and it’s always good to have more competition.

I’m hoping that we see more of a system here and not just new mowers, but I think that mowers is all it’s going to be. I looked up the “Ascent” trademark and the filing specifically states it’s for “lawn mowers”.

If they do what some others did it will be co-related to the backbone tech of the batteries for power tools. with larger motors that will work their way into the pro high use tools. Like the motor that is’ that concrete saw they make - runs on flexvolt.

ALso Now that I think about this either Ego or greenworks pro have a version of this too now.