Power Tool Parts

Where do you source parts for your power tools?

It has been my experience that while other manufacturers offer a wider range of tools; I’ve found none of them compete, at least in the US, when it comes to easily finding replacement parts with Bosch.

Finding the part needed is as easy going to Bosch deducted replacement part website, entering the model of the tool you need a part for and using the exploded diagram to select the part or choose it from the list below.

Contrasting this, in a far second place as far as my experience, I was recently on Festool USA to try and get a replacement part and found myself frustrated with the site navigation and the cumbersome process to find and select the part. Of course you also have to call to order the part versus placing an order online.

I know from past experience Makita is notoriously difficult. I’ve not experience with sourcing parts for Milwaukee or Dewalt and would love to hear from others experiences.

Interesting to hear about your Bosch experience. None of my Milwaukee or DeWalt tools have needed replacement parts yet, so I can’t help you there.

I’ve used ereplacementparts.com, with some success. They seem to stock some DeWalt parts, also Makita, Ridgid, Husky, Jet, Delta, etc.

Over the last 10 years or so I’ve purchased very few replacement tool parts. When I had my machining business I would wear out the velcro pads on my Dewalt random orbit sanders once or twice a year but they were easily found on the shelf at the local Home Depot. Other than that I think the only other things I’ve bought have been a replacement spindle washer for an angle grinder (original got lost) and some spare hold-down clamps for a DW872–those are both a poor design that breaks easily and are also easily misplaced. I ordered those from ereplacementparts. I’ve used them for appliance parts too.

I have yet to buy any parts from Makita but I can confirm that searching for them is a hassle. I came across that looking for different arm options for my Makita bandfile.