Pulling bits like pulling teeth!

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Does anyone have any good tips for pulling drill bits out of the plastic cases they always come in? Some models are better than others (the Milwaukee Shockwave cases are the worst!) but many of them grip the bits so tight it’s difficult to get one out, and even harder to get one out without pulverizing and slicing up your fingers!
This may seem like a minor issue, but it causes a lot of frustration and leads to disorganized and lost drill bits because they’re such a pain to get in and out of the holders. This is an area that’s ripe for a huge quality of life improvement if any of the manufacturers would take the time to make some design improvements. What do you all think?

Tough to answer, there are so any variations of how MFR’s make their cases.

The tougher ones, for me, I’ll grab whatever I have at hand…a screwdriver, a key, or anything similar to use as a lever and force the bit I like out or up.

Sorry, no magic solution

**** I have never tried this but putting a dab of dielectric silicone, or Super Lube in the empty spot of the holder, maybe it might help it go in an out of the holder?

Sometimes you have to figure out how the holder likes to work. I’ve seen some where the bits are super easy to get out if you angle them up first then pull them out, while others seem to hate that and prefer you pull the bit either straight up or straight out. Like FMC1959 said when I encounter a stubborn bit I’ll grab something nearby like a nail, key, wood scrap, etc, to pry out the stubborn bit.
I prefer the old-school metal drill indexes with exact size holes for every bit, those never grab bits, but you only get those from industrial or mechanic’s brands, most of the mainstream homeowner & contractor brands are using plastic cases these days.

@MechaMan or anybody,

Come to that, do you know where to buy empty metal cases for drill bits?

But I really have the hardest time with those short insert bits, which have no length for leverage. Anybody have ideas how to store them conveniently. Those little ToughCase/Packout cases are the tightest, seems like.

The only brand I know of who offers the empty metal bit organizers is Huot. Google “huot drill bit index” and you should find plenty.

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Thank you sir!

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