Quality useful cord reel

anyone recommend a quality useful cord reel that works well for a 12 ga cord?

It seems I need a new one

I have/had a Blue Point reel that was for a drop light (can’t remember if I gave it away or not). I’m unsure of the manufacturer, but if i find it I’ll research to see if something similar is still being made. The reel was bought in the late '90s, held up really well and could easily be converted to an extension cord. From what I recall I was less satisfied with the light and eventually replaced the socket and shield.

I recently added a pair of these to my shed: https://a.co/d/j6QEsAr
Each holds 50’ of 12/3 extension cord quite well and the built-in outlets have proved very handy for my uses. I also mounted short lengths of 2" PVC to the bottom of a shelf and they can hang out of the way from the handles.

I also have the classic Bayco spinner with a 100’ 12/3 on it for longer needs and it’s great for what it is (but inconvenient if you need less than 100’).

I bought this and what is on the website isn’t what was on the side of the widget. it said 15am circuit breaker and outlets. so maybe it won’t support 15 amp on an outlet but that’s about all I plan to put down it at one time anyway.


also maybe it was a misprint but I got it for 16 something on saturday. eitherway we will see if the quality or the useful part holds up. so far so good. it ate the 50ft of 12/3 cord I have and that’s about all it wants to take. (reel size wise) and it rolled it up well and holds it.

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I know you were planning on using this for 12 awg cord so not an issue, but the marketing on these things drives me crazy. Let’s tell consumers they can run 100 feet of 14 awg cable on this and then simultaneously imply that they can run 15 amps safely on that cord. It’s misleading and unsafe (or at least going to ruin someone’s tools - I know - I did it when I was young and no one had told me about amperage drop). Yes, the outlets say they are only rated for 10 amps, but nothing is going to keep them from overdrawing that (even 14 awg will pull 13A at 100’).