Question about Makita Hand Held Planer!

Hello Everyone.

I have trawled the internet to find an answer to question but to no avail. Maybe someone here would be able to help me or even speculate for me!

I own a new(ish) Makita KP0800 Hand Held Planer. What I want to know is can I put the old style hss resharpenable blades into this plane? It comes with (and currently has installe) double edged carbide blades that most planers have these days. Is it doable to put the old type blades in my planer or are they incompatible with new model planers?

Any help at all I would appreciate very much!


Absolutely no, as fittings aren’t interchangeable, also, there’s big issue with older planers (corded) have never been concentrated in relation to the weight, what, even, if you could bodge up to fit, needs to have considered, as cordless tools these days are designed for way lesser weight (bearings, belts) etc