Question on best corded trim router

Hi all,

I’m new to woodworking and want to buy my first router. I’m thinking of using a router to create lap joints for a work table build.

I’m considering a Bosch trim router. Any of you have any experience with the Bosch or other trim routers.

Recommendations would be most appreciated

I’m a bit confused by your question.
A trim router is a tool that is perhaps best suited for light cuts - edge trimming - laminate trimming etc.
For the US market they typically come equipped with a 1/4 inch collet suitable for that work.
For use in creating a work table - they might find use in trimming a laminate top - or (with appropriate bases/jigs) be used to create scarf joints to splice sheets of laminate together.
They generally would not be the choice to hog out lots of material - as in creating half-lap joints in construction or hardwood that you might be considering for a bench or table top.
In my shop, creating lap joints and dadoes is a job I do on the table saw - but if I were grabbing one of my routers to do this job - it probably would be my 3-1/4Hp Porter Cable plunge router.
Not knowing what you are thinking about for your work table design - It is hard for me to comment further.
BTW - the Bosch trim routers is a decent tool for its intended purpose - I’ve used the old Bosch 16086 and somewhat newer Colt PR20EVS - but there is a newer GKF125 with a more powerful motor. My only complaint about the older Colt that I have is that the collet assembly is not as robust as it could be. In this Hp class - the Dewalt would be another good choice:

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LIke Fred said I would strongly suggest a larger 2-1/2 HP router at a minimum. If for no other reason that becasue you will need a 1/2 inch style collet to hold a decent router bit to cut your 2 sides. That’s the other thing you will be cutting 2 sides on your planks to do this. I honestly thought of something similar years ago for bench and bought a set.

What I ended up doing - was biscuit joints. Why - supposedly just as strong once glued right, more forgiving for the setup. Now I’ve made another bench (sitting bench not work bench by the way) and that time I did dado setup on the table saw. Worked well.

Meanwhile if buying a mid size router as they are called I would point you either to the Bosch 1617EV that is still out there. The updated Bosch whose number I forget at the moment. Or the Dewalt I think it’s a 618 which is the larger of that set. I’m always looked at either of those but haven’t bought one yet.

You have a couple options but you may want to just go with a Router Table with Heavy Duty Router included. It will give you so many more cutting and shaping profiles , and the router table I picked up had 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 collet for different shank bits I’ve purchased over the years for different routers I had. Plunge router will allow you to start finger flutes or cut panels or similar at a set place, For a small fixed palm router , I went ridgid 18v octane router, 30,000 rpm with vacuum port Attachment. It’s good for pine and poplar, but for red oak, maple I’d use my b&d electric plunge joystick style router

FYI - the latest issue of Wood Magazine - seems to rate the Porter Cable corded trim router as #1 - and the Milwaukee cordless as #1 in that class. If you are sill looking to buy a trim router - it might be worth a read.