Question on best plastic tool organizer with drawers

Hello all,

Are any of you aware of a rolling plastic toolbox or tool organizer with drawers that are rated to hold heavier items (i.e. wrenches and sockets)?

I’m looking for something durable with a long term warranty.

Thanks to you all

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Have you checked out the new Milwaukee pack out system. There is a tool box with drawers, albeit not directly with a set of wheels, but you can ‘add’ wheels with their dolly or transport cart.

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Dewalt T-stack has a drawer box that has ball bearing slides with latching handles also. I think it might have been the first.

There is a toughsystem drawer too if I recall.

Craftsman has their version of the dewalt T-stack that they sell with tools in it. I use that as an example to show how well it tolerates ratchets, sockets and weight etc. I’ve thought about getting the dewalt box for a while now to keep in the truck. vs a standard toolbox I think the drawers would be nice.

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