Ratcheting Wrench Recommnedations For Non-Automotive Work

Gents, I have been bitten by the ratcheting wrench bug…but not too badly, yet. I am not sure whether to look at models with the ratchet switch or the non-offset models you flip over use in the other direction. My use is mainly electrical maintenance to include commercial appliance repair, motor controls, motor installs and replacements, along with a number of other tasks that are not necessarily direct install of conduit and conductors though I do some of that too. So for the most part I do not need twenty different sizes. the typical imperial stuff from 1/4 up through around 5/8 or 3/4 would be more than sufficient. Maybe the odd metric ones too.

I freely admit to an American and European bias in tools I don’t hate Asian tools but will almost always look homeward first. I admit to really liking the look and feel of the Wera Joker models. They can get pretty steep in price though. I can never seem to find a good online retailer for the SK X Frames or the nice Proto polished made in America models. Heck, locally for that matter. So where to start? I know about all the Gearwrench stuff and I looked at Kobalt today and was little underwhelmed but the finish was nice. I could not find the gearless models anywhere. I typically like very slim models since wrangling your way around a motor frame mount is not always and easy access sort of thing. The Husky stuff at HD always seems a bit clubby and over sized. Certainly no need for SnapOn quality since I do not use these daily. I see the Crescent brand over at Menard’s but realise this is not exactly what it used to be either. Suggestions?

I am in the need for exactly what you have described. This would make those transformers so much easier to install.

Have you decided on a set or are you still in the market?


You could always wait for one of Zoro’s 25 or 30% off sales and hope that this Proto set will not be excluded.


Might I suggest Williams, I’m kinda looking for a set to toss in my truck and this one caught my eye. FYI Williams is a Snap on brand.

I have a lot of J.H. Williams tools dating back to the 1960’s when they were made in Buffalo/Tonawanda NY at a factory that I think is now part of General Motors… At that time they were part of TRW (Thompson Ramo Wooldridge). SnapOn acquired Williams in 1993

Hands down I would say that I like the wrenches with the switch. As for manufacturer, I love the Tone wrenches that I have. The quality is great.

Sorry to be late lads. Still haven’t bought them. The thread went old and Ijust now received notice if replies.

Fred, will keep the eyes on Zorro.

Tim, ain’t that the truth? Sometimes I think electrical devises were engineered to make your temperature rise. On the other hand, we could be plumbers. Poor sods. Just kidding.