Rechargeable Headlamp

Can anyone please recommend a good and not to expensive rechargeable headlamp currently I use a coast AAA.
Looking preferably for changeable cells for example 18650 open for 123…

Here’s one from a review site I trust. It can accept AAA alkaline or lithium batteries too.


The general idea of this is good but the reviews are not good.


You can’t go wrong with a Zebralight. They’re not as cheap as imported stuff, but they’re absolutely beautifully made, and they’re the one that everyone else imitates. I think they may have actually originated the sideways-cylindrical style of headlamp, way back when. Each generation includes versions for AA, 18650, and CR2 batteries.

I like them because the battery and LED are in the same housing, so there’s no cable to fail. The sideways style means it still clings to your head well, despite all the weight being in front. Cylindrical shape in the strap gives infinite up-down adjustability. And of course, slip it out of the strap and it’s a capable little hand-lantern or table-sitter or whatever. The straps are super high quality, the rubber junction bits are great (I always opt for the GITD one; both are in the package), and the pocket clip has never held my attention but it’s well-made too.

They don’t include batteries or a charger; it’s assumed that you’re buying the version that fits your own battery fleet and you’ve got that handled. Runtimes are measured with the most popular rechargeable cells, though, as the proprietor knows full well how these things are being used. All my current lights are AA-fueled since that’s the battery fleet I’ve had for decades, but my next will probably be 18650.

Although these lights are capable of eye-scorching brightness, they have a really great range of useful output levels, including some super low “moon mode” with incredible runtime. The UI is fantastic and it drives me nuts using other one-button lights like a Nitecore after having seen how easy the Zebralight experience is.

If you do a lot of closeup work, opt for the “floody” beam pattern, which has a very mild hotspot or none at all. Other styles have a more traditional “throw” beam, which is good for seeing some distance down a path while jogging or whatever. I own both types and I use the floody one a lot more, both when I’m upside-down under a dashboard, and as a fill-light when I’m shooting video and stuff. My oldest Zebralight is from 2010 and still in daily service.


I agree that Zebralight headlamps are by far the highest quality available, and well worth the price. I love my h604c. Pure flood beam with uniform circle of light, great color quality, and lots of brightness settings, from almost too dim to crazy bright and lots in between.


I’m not getting excited with the shape from the zebra lights.

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For a while I was looking at a COAST headlamp that was focusable and had a battery pack - it took AA and Lithium cells if I recall correctly.

I really like the focusable idea. Really wish Dewalt/SBD would make a tool battery powered headlamp. IE corded headlamp with battery attachment. Like that makita

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If you don’t option for a light that takes your current drill/driver batteries, I recommend you try for something that takes 18650 LiPo cell(s). Some even use either AA or 18650.

All the batteries I have don’t make headlamps…
So any recommendations for 18650 cell headlamps?

I just bought this double source safety headlamp from amazon. bright high prower headlamp.usb rechargeable headlamp

I like my Fenix HM61R. Pretty much a zebralight clone, but a very good one at a lower price point since the battery is included. It runs on an 18650 li-ion, but can also use 2x CR123As instead. If you don’t like the shape of the removable style, they do make a couple of non-removable ones with a more traditional shape (HL60R or HM65R).