Reciprocating Saws blade

I have a rotted tree stump I would like to cut but since I don’t have a chainsaw a reciprocating saw is the next best thing.So I was wondering what would be a good blade to use to cut this tree stump.

A pruning blade should work, though I wouldn’t attempt this unless the stump is relatively small and thus is smaller in diameter than the length of the saw blade (or the stump is seriously rotten). Reciprocating saws don’t work well unless the blade can fit completely through the material being cut.

Pruning blades work best for me. I wouldn’t have thought so, but to my surprise this is one of the applications some brands’ pruning blades are designed for.

I like a demo blade also. not all pruning blades work that well, I got a set of diablo ones and I found the demo demon blade worked better and made faster cuts. might be the way I use it though. ALso if your saw has an orbital function use it. make sure your extension cord is rated for enough amps at length too.