Recommend socket set based on current sales

I need to get a decent socket set, SAE and metric. It is for general, long term DIY use. I also need wrenches, so including those is a plus. I don’t need 200 little bits, but understand a lot of sets include them and allen wrenches.

I’m going crazy comparing sets within and across brands!

I’d like to stay under or around $100, max aroud $150.
I’d prefer buying from a store rather than online in case of exchanges/warrantee. I have HD, Lowes, HF, Sears, ACE all nearby. Mention online if you really think that’s the best option. I may be able to get access to an employee discount for anythnd Stanley Black & Decker, too.

Thank you for your input.

without doing any detailed shopping for you of pieces I’ve seen lately. I would recommend either the Kobalt smaller kits. but you might have to buy 2 separate kits. IE the socket/ratchet kit then get a wrench set. still would be in your price window.

They did seem to have some large master kit - might be more than you want but still 200 I think. Why I would pick them over the others - I’ve used Kobalt stuffs that various friends have bought and they seem to hold up well and work well. More importantly they have decent warranty and they fit right.

Right know those kits are cheaper than the craftsman ot husky kits that are also on sale but it’s close. And some Kobalt stuff is taiwan made other china - where every craftsman kit bundle I picked up was made in china. If your SBD discount comes though that might be a better overall buy.

I bought the xtreme from Kobalt that are both metric and sae. I did it to save weight, which is not on anyones list of goals. It also gets more solutions in a given box. After several years I like the choice.
yes it is sloppy fitting, and not for the professionals. It does solve problems which DIYers need to solve.

I am actually replacing the xtremes. I have some issues with hand control, and the extra “slop” from the dual SAE/metric sizing on each socket makes it harder for me to use them. I frequently come off the nut/bolt I am working with, usually with great speed and pressure. Result: ouch!

My wife bought me a DeWalt kit for around $100 a couple years ago. Sure there are some number fluffing bits and such included but it has 3/8 and 1/4 wrenches and both standard and deep well sockets in all the sizes. It’s met my needs well and goes with me everywhere.

do you just need sockets or do you want a new ratchet too. or some other pieces.

An Option would be Tekton which would be a web purchase. but they have some quality stuff though made in taiwan - like kobalt and some of the craftsman/dewalt stuffs. and others. I liken it to buying gearwrench without the mark up.

They sell their sockets in sections alone (IE metric, 1/4 drive, on a rail, short 6 pt) for reasonable prices. If you say want a new ratchet they have a few kits boxes too - at that point though I really would point you back to Kobalt kits on sale today.