Recommendations for an EDC barbed wire cutter?

Can you reccomend something small, unlikely to hurt you too much if you land on it, that can cut thick wire?

A friend would like ‘a leatherman’ for her birthday, so she can carry it with her when out horse riding to free her horse or other animals like cows if they get tangled in barbed wire, that we often get on fences in the countryside around here. The wire can get wrapped very tightly around the animals’ legs, so there’s not much space to get a tool in.

There is also a fair risk that my pal would fall off/ be thrown from the horse and land on the tool. It might be better if the tool was less likely to dig in or gouge if that happened.

Would a leatherman skeletool or new wave or similar fit the bill, and actually be able to cut barbed wire, or is there something better?

Many thanks!

Without hesitation I’d recommend the Felco (Swiss Made) CDO barbed wire cutter:

Id trust @fred, his knowledge of hand tools is nothing less than impressive to say the least.

Hello, and thanks. This looks amazing!

I would like to offer my friend the option of a multi tool too, because she might have her heart set on one even if it is not nearly so good at the job.

Are there any that are better wire cutters than others please? Ones with replaceable cutter blades like the Rebar or Super tool 300?

I’m not a big fan of Multi-Tools - but do have a one in each of my cars.
I think that they would be just OK for trying to cut barbed wire fencing. That wire is a bit harder and thicker than the copper wire or bailing wire that the typical multi-tool was likely designed to cut.
Stuart over at ToolGuyd (the host for this site) has tested a number of multi-tools over the years - so you might take a look at what he’s had to say:

here is one link:

I also see that the Leatherman Wave seems to get some decent reviews on Amazon:

This other model is touted as having a hard-wire cutter too:

I have no experience with either of these.

BTW - you can also order a sheath for the Felco barbed-wire cutters:

I’m an owner of many Leatherman tools and am a huge fan, their products are amazing. However I don’t feel they are up to the task of cutting as hard a wire as you are looking for. If it’s a multi tool you looking for there are no others that even compare to a true Leatherman.