Recs for 2-gal sprayer

I’m looking for a battery powered herbicide sprayer. I need 2-gal at the most. None of the brands had promising reviews. Non brands on amazon had good reviews but not a removable battery, so you charge the lid with the herbicide still in the tank. Ryobi got hit with customer complaining about the filter, unreliable, cracking tanks. Similar reviews on Milwaukee which is my platform. Milwaukee is too big and out of my budget. I thought about Hart, but Walmart reviews are not great. Anybody have a good experience with ryobi, Hart, or HF for a sprayer? Thank you in advance!!

for only 2 gallons I wouldn’t bother with a battery kit. I did buy the Husquvarna branded 2 gallon sold at Lowes. It’s a rebadge of another brand I can’t think of - but when on sale it is cheaper than then OE prosumer product sold on line. That’s goingt to bother me now, who is the maker.

anyway very nice quality - easy to use - hold good pressure - pumps easy - selection of tips.

Easy peasy.

Now if I was going for a back pack 4 gallon - there is someone that makes one using Dewalt batteries and another using Makita batteries I think - gets good reviews. Again more a pro-sumer sort of device.

Expensive. For as little as I use one I honeslty thought about the HF model packback job- with battery.

I used a backpack sprayer that was amazing it wasn’t battery powered but it didn’t need to be. It was a solo backpack sprayer and worked when I needed it and was very reliable. Used to do landscaping and have used other good sprayers but the solo was the best. I think you can get smaller ones or just only fill up two gallons of not. If I needed to spray a lot that’s what I would buy again. Wouldn’t mess with a powered one.

Smith Performance sprayers - they are part of a larger group that is also field king and other names.

but the design and function is a smith performance 2 gallon all purpose sprayer. They make alot of others including some for specific chemical needs. SS insides etc etc.

point is when on sale for 27 dollars I think I paid for it - the lowes husqvarna braded one is cheaper than the others for the same parts. works well doesn’t take alot of pumping. I think when I go around my house I pump first about 10 times - spray for a while do about 5 more go a ways do 5 more. And I think I might finish out 1.5 gallons of stuff with under 25 pumps. Really not any effort.

I purchased the Ryobi 18v a year ago and use it primarily it spray mold killing chemicals/cleaners and treatments throughout houses being mitigated. Never and problems and the ability to spray tens of gallons of product without manually pumping is awesome. Walking around with it in a house it does get bumped around and no issues taking a little abuse.