Replacement Wheelbarrow

My 50 YO steel bottom wheelbarrow has finally reached its expiration date. I’ve replaced the handles, the tire and even welded a new bottom. The result is a super heavy barrow thats getting difficult to handle and impossible to mix concrete without scraping the patches.
So this seemed like a no-brainer purchase until I got to Lowe’s, then visited Home Depot to look at a replacement. I really like the latest two wheelers and I’m likely past a lot of cement mixing so I think the plastic tubs might help with the weight (I’m 74 and unfortunately not getting stronger…lol). But DAMN! $150 for a wheelbarrow? No wonder I kept patching old faithful…lol.
I respect this forum and would like to hear what everyone might recommend and WTB.

Said in jest, but also some practicality, have you looked that the Makita 18V X2 LXT® Brushless Cordless Power‑Assisted Wheelbarrow?

I never really had much use for wheelbarrow, and I always found four wheels carts better, including my gorilla cart. Not as much capacity which could be a good or bad thing. Either way the cost for a decent model wheelbarrow or utility cart is going to be north of $100. Have you checked out any yard sales by you? You might get something that has some life in it for a decent price

I have not been in the market for a wheelbarrow, but I have felt the same sticker shock walking past the wheelbarrows outside Lowe’s and HD. I noticed that my local farmer’s co-op has much better value for money. It wasn’t so much that they were any cheaper, I was still seeing prices of $100-150, but the quality was much better.

I have a wheelbarrow with plastic tub. It works well. You can find one that’s cheaper, but these $150-$170 versions with two wheels are pretty nice. Things are spendy right now. Might check out facebook marketplace or other places for a used one. As you’ve shown us, they can last a while. :slight_smile: