Revised Milwaukee M18 0880-20 vacuum

Does anyone know anything about the revised Milwaukee M18 cordless vacuum 0880-20?

I hear it’s delayed because they’re adding Packout mounting to the bottom of it on the bin. Since you’re always taking a vacuum with you to a job anyway, put it on the Packout stack next to the tool bag, it’s almost the right size.
Or actually that’s probably just my wishful thinking imagination talking.

On a real note, I keep seeing pictures, but have not seen the updated model anywhere, nor does a quick search show me any kind of release from Milwaukee officially announcing it… I’ve been keeping my eye out on overseas sites as well, to see if the revised one gets introduced overseas first, since not having the external hose would be hugely beneficial for me, and haven’t seen anything over there for it yet either. Maybe it was a prototype revision that got shelved for some reason…?

Subject: Re: [ToolGuyd Community Forum] [Tool Talk] Revised Milwaukee M18 0880-20 vacuum

I saw a video on YouTube from 4x4family showing the new 2017 0880-20 M18 vacuum with internal hose storage. He says he bought it at HomeDepot for $99.
Nobody else is reviewing or even mentioning it. I’ll just have to wait until it appears in stores.