Ridgid 4123 model Mitre Saw

randomly looking at getting a new mitre saw I’ve mostly talked myself into getting a non-sliding 12 incher. But still open to debate until I actually buy.

ANYWHO - top item that I like is the Dewalt Flexvolt 12 inch dual bevel no slider - with AC pack that HD sells for 299 on occasion. Hell of a thing to top.

Having used one I’ve mostly convinced myself there is no need to buy a mitre saw that doesn’t have shadow cut line system. Lasers are nice - shadow cut line is better. and it mostly limits my choices but they are good machines from what I see.

TO that end Ridgid also does shadow cut line and they look like a good machine also. Seems they have an updated non slider mitre saw the R4123 - picture show it with shadow line, but the description says laser.

Anybody have the ridgid or thoughts on their mitre saws? Seems like a decent kit and cheaper than a dewalt and without a belt drive.

On the Ridgid web site they say that the non-slider (R4122) use a laser to mark the cut line - but for the R4123 slider - they say an LED is used.

That’s why I’m a bit confused - as they have pictures for the non-slider that show a Shadow cut line. As if they are making new models with that - or someone screwed up with website.

I’m sort of hoping they update them as that would make it a seller point for me. Still on the fence on the whole slider debate anyway.