Ridgid vs porter cable

Ok I’m wanting to buy a cordless combo kit right now I think I have narrowed it down to 2 choices.
Either the Ridgid gen5x 5 piece kit for $399 has lifetime warranty on everything including batteries


or the porter cable 6 piece kit for $299 limited warranty


Any suggestions on which is better??

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Kit vs kit Ridgid is the better set, however, that Porter Cable kit is lesser grade tools vs PC’s regular line, also coming very soon PC is releasing Brushless tools but kit prices haven’t been anounced but sources say the drill kit will be priced LESS than the current model.

Warranty, Ridgid requies registration and still makes you jump through hoops to get the fix or replacement, however I have had simple over the counter exchange with Porter Cable at Lowe’s. Just my experience YMMV.

The new brushless PC tools are slated to be out in November 2016. The drill or the impact, at least one battery, and charger will be in the $140 range. They also said they won’t have a multi-tool kit right away.

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I can’t vouch for the 20v Max Porter Cable tools, but my old 18v lithium tools are great. That said, if I were to upgrade to either Ridgid or the newer PC line, I’d probably go with Ridgid (I already switched to Dewalt, though). The PC 20v Max tools look and feel much lighter duty than the 18v line they replaced. If I wanted to save money, though, I’d stick with PC and comb Lowe’s stores for returns or open box deals, or at least wait until the free bare tool deal comes back around.

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Sadly the newest line of PC tools aren’t quite in the same league as the black 18v that so many people latched on to. I got my brother a set this last holiday season since he moved into his first house and was honesty a bit embarrassed by them, especially the recharge time but that may have been worse for the holiday kits.

I don’t have any experience with Ridgid personally, but it seems like they’re more on par with Hitachi than PC.

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