Ridgid's faucet and plumbing tool is excellent

I picked one of these up yesterday as an impulse while grabbing some supplies for a faucet install. It turned out to be really useful and well designed, and totally worth the cost. Stuart should consider it for review.

It’s already cramped for space under a sink, and as much as I love my Knipex it was hard to just get them into the right angle. This thing squeezed in there with no trouble.


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That looks brilliant! I might just have to get one, looks like it will take a little hate out of “I HATE plumbing!”.

I saw one of these on a tool bag ‘loadout’ video on YouTube. It looked like it had seen plenty of use. That’s how you can always tell if a plumbing tool is worthwhile. A clean plumbing tool is typically worthless.

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I own one of these, and it’s more than paid for itself. Being able to tighten those junky plastic faucet mounting nuts is worth the price of the tool by itself.

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Be careful with the drain part of the tool, the end with the 4 teeth on it. I tried to remove a really stuck on bathtub drain and the teeth sheered right off, other than that it is a nice tool.


Yup had the same but RIDGID sent me a replacement.
And be careful when tightening speedy valves I cracked one.
Besides that it’s more than great

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Mosh, how did you get it replaced? Did I have to register this when I bought it?

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Nope I called them @ 800 474 3443

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When I saw it I thought it was brilliant. Since I’ve owned and used it I I’ve realized it’s limitations which I have found echoed on other online reviews and forums. The whole tool is too long for many applications. Other users have said they cut it in half ,making two tools, which I may end up doing someday. I also already have a smart dumbbell and decent basin wrench which do some of the same things as this tool. I don’t regret buying it but would probably only rate it 3 or 3.5 out of 5
Some company, possibly superior tool makes a socket attachment which you would use with an extension and ratchet which has slots cut to fit the plastic nuts. To me that tool looks more effective for that application.

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