Ryobi batteries and chargers not reliable

What’s your experience with Ryobi batteries and chargers?

They have been failing to me in the last few years.
My chargers just went dead.
Or batteries won’t charge (red light blinking)

Some batteries also won’t charge fully and charging stops to 3 bars.
I understand we can rebalance the cells manually, but won’t the charger / battery controller rebalance automatically anyway?

I’m honestly impressed. I bought some Ryobi OPE for an elderly family member who loves to garden. It was not my first choice of brand but it was one of the only brands offering tools that were light enough for their use. Now they have had the tools and batteries going on 4.5 years and they’re still going strong. The batteries and the charger live in a metal garden shed in Texas. The temperatures are easily over 125 in there during the summer and the winters can be quite cold as well. This past year there was over a week straight at something like 15F. Those same three batteries & charger are still going strong over 4 years despite being stored in those rather extreme conditions. Now granted they are not using the batteries as frequently as a contractor would but they do get used often and hard when they are used. Imagine trying to maintain 3 acres with the smallest cordless trimmer that Ryobi makes and you’ll get an idea of the kind of mileage involved.
I’m sure they will fail at some point, but so far they’ve survived 4.5 years in those conditions thus far.

How old are your batteries?

I have not had many issues with Ryobi Li-ion batteries or chargers in recent years.

My failed batteries could be from 3 to 6 years old.
I always store them indoor, fully charged.

Because I also have failed chargers (all original Ryobi), could it be the chargers that killed my batteries?

This is exactly what happened with my 2 failed chargers: