Ryobi Days 2019

Anyone know what’s going on with these? There seems to be a video that leaked early showing you can get a free tool (seem to be primarily brushed tools less than $100) with the purchase of a double 3.0 Ah battery and compact charger kit. According to the video, the deal is supposed to go live on May 16 and continue through mid-June. The weird part is that if you go on HD’s website and search “Ryobi”, two tabs pop up with the title Ryobi Days 2019 BOGO and Ryobi days 2019 savings. The page seems to include all of the included BOGO tools, but there’s no indication on how to get them – i.e. what do you have to buy to get the free tool.

I added the double 3.0 pack and a planer and when I went to check out, no discount was noted.

I suppose they could be just assembling the pages now but keeping the deals inactive? Any word on this?

Makes sense - pretty sure these pages are simply being assembled and tested, and the discount / promo pricing will kick in on May 16 when Ryobi Days officially starts.

These deals are live in store now, buy the $99 3Ah battery kit, get a free tool (seems to be most of the ones less than $109). Online should go live tomorrow.

My stores were already slightly run through on the 3Ah kits, though there were 3 separate slots in the display stands for them. I would guess that the battery kits are going to be the limiting factor again, just like last year where they ran out fairly quickly.

Among other things, I tried the new hybrid soldering station, the new rotary tool, and the new 150W inverter, and all three worked as a free tool. I couldn’t find the air cannon though my guess is it is excluded…

Can confirm deals are live at most Home Depots (or at least at the two near me), even though the signage states starting 5/16.

Tool selection is somewhat limited. It does not appear to be everything under $100, as it has been in past years. At the very least, it seems that all bare brushless tools are excluded – I tried for the belt sander – $99 bare tool, but no discount taken at register.

Bounced back and forth between the random orbital sander, JobPlus Multitool, and the palm router. Ultimately settled on the palm router cause I don’t have one and it seems like a good and useful kind of tool to have cordless. Jobplus is a cool concept, but I already have a multitool and I think makes more sense with the attachment system if you’re really limited for space. Additionally, the jigsaw, recip saw, etc. attachments seem to be near or more expensive than getting an actual dedicated tool for a lot of those things, and I already have dedicated tools for most of them.