RyobI tools on the horizon

Ryobi has a handful of interesting new 18+ tools on the ryobi website. p225 A brushless drywall screwgun with the pressure switch like milwaukee and makita. Im very interested in this depending on pricepoint. p592 Bolt cutters with 3/8 capacity. p795 worklight with adjustable Kelvin color. P790 hybrid project light. P3500k underwater stick vacuum (for pools). Another non-tool i just discovered is p3520 the floating pool speaker/light show.

Not Ryobi, but Milwaukee mistakenly listed an M12 compact inflator on their site a few days ago, and promptly took it down. There’s screenshots over on reddit, and I ran across at least one dealer site that still had the listing for it up (don’t have it right now, but I think the model number was 2475 or if you search for M12 compact inflator it was on the second google result page).
The compact terminology in the name makes me wonder if they’re looking at something else for M18, maybe a full size compressor to complement the M12 inflator… If I remember the feature listing, it was fill a car tire by 8-10 psi in about a minute, and able to do truck tires adding 15-20 psi in like 3.5 minutes. Hopefully that translates to a little better duty cycle than the large ryobi, but seems about par. Be nice to be able to carry that with all my other M12 tools instead of the ryobi inflator I keep in the trunk, which is the only ryobi tool/battery I regularly carry.

On the Ryobi front, there’s the new toolbox vacuum which is pretty awesome, right up there with the Milwaukee toolbox vac except no HEPA filter. Also doesn’t seem to sound as scream like as the Milwaukee. I’d love to see it drop to a 69 or 79 price point, since I think only being 10 bucks less than the Milwaukee isn’t a big draw. Obviously if you only have ryobi batteries, it does fill a gap though, and does it well. I actually am liking it more than the 6 gallon cordless ryobi vac for doing the car just because it’s more maneuverable, though for larger messes or significant dirt the 6 gallon vac does have more suction and the wider hose. It picked up mud chunks from the car that the toolbox size ryobi wouldn’t have been able to fit through the hose.

I saw a listing on HD’s website for the 6Ah ryobi battery, hopefully it hits here soon, that will be a good step up. I’m holding out hope for the 9Ah to drop in the US towards the end of Q1, but I’m sure I’ll be disappointed. The 6Ah finally coming out here though hopefully does mean the 9Ah is at least on the way. I need it for more runtime on the shop vac.

Ryobi also has a lot of outdoor equipment new for spring, cordless sprayers, new chain saw models, etc. Their catalog lists a lot of it, the only thing I didn’t see mentioned is an 18V seed spreader that I saw posted about over somewhere else. Exciting time for all the start of year new tool introductions!

If you are looking at any ryobi stuff, Ryobi Nation has an in store coupon for HD that let’s you get $10 off two bare tools over $49, from a wide list that unfortunately doesn’t include most new stuff. My HD took it for one item that was and one that was not on the list that were bare tools, computer didn’t even split it back, but YMMV. Still, it’s semi rare to see a bare tools only deal or coupon, always seems like kits, so I liked that they took that feedback and made that coupon. Especially Ryobi, since you can’t just wait for Acme to do 15% off or something for them to get your bare tools.

My wife uses a Ryobi cordless glue gun - so I was looking for the P164 -“new” 6.0Ah battery.
It was listed on the Home Depot site at $149 for 2 - but not available for order yet.
Then a few days ago it was listed at $99 for 2 - but still unavailable
I looked this morning and apparently Home Depot has pulled the listing down.
Curiously - when the listing was up - there was already one review posted.

Thanks, I was going to mention the toolbox vac, but forgot. If I want that one I would opt for the milwaukee since they’re almost the same price and mke is hepa. If The ryobi drywall gun is 129 like The brushless sawzall. Circ saw. Grinder I’ll go for mke too, or wait for a good pkg/deal, hoping for 99
The m12 inflator is exciting, I use my ryobI often and the idea of better performance in a smaller pkg is music to my ears, I’ve got 5+ m12 batteries so runtime less of a concern. Couldn’t find a pic, but the text from Mke was still on google.

I’m a bit more excited for the 3A compact. Especially for ryobi where a big advantage is already lightweight tools. I imagine the glue gun sucks a fair bit of juice though and can see the appeal for longer run time as to not interrupt the flow of work.

Ryobi seems to be way ahead when it comes to innovative cordless devices. I have 6 of them, and not a drill, driver, or saw among them. My collection: 3 kinds of LED lights, an air inflator, the new 3-gallon vacuum, and the new Devour sweeper. They all share 3 large batteries.

(My cordless drill and driver are 12-volt Bosch tools, and I haven’t had a need for any other cordless tools.)

A few comments about these:

The 20-Watt LED Work Light is incredibly bright, and surprisingly handy. My old halogen work lights were bright, too, but inconvenient to plug in and way too hot.

The inflator was cheap, but very effective inflating tires. My trailer could never be parked close enough to the garage for the AC-powered compressor’s air hose to reach, so I took to carrying the whole heavy thing to the curb. No longer necessary!

The new Devour sweeper is great for the garage and back patio. A shop vacuum can’t handle the big stuff (twigs, leaves, etc.), and is way too slow. The sweeper doesn’t pick up all the dust that the vac does, but that doesn’t matter for the garage and patio. Also, the sweeper is very quiet.

QUARTZ worklights???

Right. Halogen, not quartz.