Safety Shoes in Sneaker Format

I need to get a pair of OSHA compliant safety shoes. I would prefer to get them in sneaker format, rather than a pair of boots. I need them to go into new construction homes to install and program smart home/IOT devices. I am expecting to go in the house after the framing and the rough wiring has been done, and again before the home is settled. This is not a 40 hour job and I don’t see putting a lot of wear on these shoes. I saw that HD has as their special of the day today Dewalt shoes that would seem to fit my requirements. Does it matter what type of protective toe they have to be compliant?

Any other recommendations for a safety shoe that looks like a sneaker?

As I understand it, OSHA sets the requirement, and ANSI or ASTM is the standard, so OSHA will require safety boots for certain jobs, and the boots meet specific ANSI or ASTM standards.

It seems like the type of toe (steel, aluminum or carbon fiber) doesn’t matter. It just matters whether they pass the tests. I personally would look at carbon fiber, because it will be lighter and probably warmer in cold weather.

I tried a pair of DeWalts and returned them for a poor fit. I generally wear Keens, and though I haven’t tried them myself, they do make shoes with steel, aluminum or carbon fiber toes that look like hiking shoes or sneakers, kinda. Keens don’t last long, but they’re very comfortable (for me.) They have those big wide dumb-looking toes. :slight_smile:

Have you looked at Reebok - as I see that they make safety shoes in “sneaker-like” styles.
Shoes and how they fit can be a problem for many individuals. I’ve always had trouble finding styles/makes that fit my extra wide feet. The last pair I bought were “Carolinas”
We used to have a Lehigh truck visit out fabrication business plant - and none of what they sold ever fit me well - as they always wanted to sell me what they called wide shoes in about 2 sizes larger than normal.

Here is one site - that might be good for comparison shopping:

I have a pair of steel-toed Keens that are awesome. Pricey, but worth it.

See if you can find a safety shoe store in your area -there are 3 here in my area. One is just a redwing seller. BUT you can see what they have a try them. I have a set of red wings that are safety shoes but are Oxford style so dressier than what you are going for.

But I know they make a number that are more hiking boot style with lower ankle support so they might make sneeker type too. Redwing also has a import sub brand that is cheaper. Meanwhile the other store is town carries alot of the other names so look for that - and see what you can try on. I wouldn’t buy a set off the internet without trying them on - if for no other reason than not wanting to waste the time on returns.

I’ve got Red Wing steel toe sneakers that are very comfortable. But like Napalm said, find a store local to you that you can try the shoes on instead of ordering sight unseen. Also, with the supply chain backups some styles may not be as readily available so it’s good to see what options you have.

If you can wear composite toe shoes, Merrell makes some quite comfortable options in sneaker format. Work - Composite Toe | Merrell

I got some on a nice sale and wear them as my default shop shoes. They’re quite comfortable!