Sale on Duluth Trading

Duluth is having a storewide sale, 25% off everything, no minimum.

Their stuff is maybe a little fancy, but it makes great gifts. I love my fleece-lined stretch work pants (with the loose-hanging lining, not the bonded fleece.)

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I have the Firehose Flex cargo pants and carpenter pants. They’re both great and allow me to work unencumbered, especially when compared to my previous go-to work pants, a pair of Wrangler Riggs carpenter pants.

The cargo pants are especially nice, as each thigh pocket and the back pockets have Velcro both inside and outside of the pocket, allowing the flaps to be tucked away if needed. They also have a couple of smaller pockets that are ideal for pliers and other tools.

The pockets are pretty clever, I have t say.

But stretchy work pants are definitely the way to go. All my work pants have stretch, no matter who makes them.

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