Sawzall Blade Storage


I am looking for advice on sawzall blade storage. This one type of tool accessory always seems to be in disarray compared to the other types I have (such as drill bits, impact driver bits) that come in nice, organized containers. The shorter 6" blades fit nicely in the small Dewalt separator that I have but the 9" blades seem to be an awkward size for most containers I’ve come across. What is an easy way (besides the long tubular containers that some sawzall blades come in) to store these blades so that they can be easily separated and accessible.


We’d sometimes buy the most used blades in bulk and just hang them up on a pegboard on the side of one of the cabinets in the tool room at the workout center. When picked up by the crews, these blades probably just landed in the tray of an odd toolbox in the back of one of the trucks. Alternatively, some blades that we did not stock, might get picked up the day of the job at one of our suppliers or Home Depot.

At home, my assortment is just jumbled together in a plastic toolbox - not the best organized sort of thing!

I guess that you might expand on the storage ideas used in this Bosch set:

or this:

A canvas tool roll might work for you:

There are lots of different ones on the market.

You might also cut some PVC pipe into different lengths to accommodate different blade lengths. A fixed pipe cap at one end and removable one at the other.

Great Ideas there @fred. I just use the DeWalt blade containers.

After burning through a lot of blades I have a few for different blade types.

Partial to these cases from Milwaukee

Case only:

They will hold up to 9” blade

Direct link to that box:

Milwaukee also sells this set:

Or you could buy the sets in bulk and have several pouches for different sorts of blades:


Thank you for the ideas! I really like the Bosch canvas sets that I have come across so far and used. I am not sure I would go that route with sawzall blades as I would constantly be replacing them in the canvas. However, I definitely will be using the pegboard idea at my shop at home.


It worked for us.
We had them hung up - each different blade one behind the other just like at Home Depot.
We had a label glued on the pegboard behind each blade with the company and part # to remind us about reordering.
We bought Milwaukee blades - but sometimes Starrett, Morse, Bosch too.

  1. I have gotten the Dewalt, Milwaukee, blade sets that include plastic boxes.
  2. I now prefer the roll style - the plastic box can get broken. The blades roll out flat for easy access, I can keep the blades grouped by size/type, and I can keep used separate from new. Even extra long blades, like 12" pruning blades, are mostly covered. If you use 18" or 24" blades then you will probably want a lathe tool roll.
    Acme has a great price, $39.95, for MILWAUKEE-49-22-1132 32 pc. Mega SAWZALL® Blade Kit
  3. Until the end of December 2017 the Milwaukee rebates also include buying Sawzall blades -

I currently have my blades in one of these containers, probably should separate them through a few more though

I have never used these cases before, how well do they work?

@cr8ondt I have used one of these so far to keep my blades in so far, I could probably find a few empty ones laying around too

@Mike_McFalls I have never used this care before, how well does it work?

@nigeldh Thanks for sharing! That is a crazy good price for the 32 pc. Milwaukee blade set!

@fred The blades that I have do not fit on the pegs that I have, is there a certain width of peg that works for these?

I like the Milwaukee cases expandability and have found them to be durable. I am mindful about not putting them at the bottom of my tools and crushing the cases

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Folks who sell store fixtures - sell 1/8 inch wire pegboard hooks.
The drive-pin hole is about 9/64

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Just an idea, try finding a parachute flare shipping tube at your local military surplus store. I have one around here somewhere and think it may work for 9" blades, if not 12". These are green plastic tubes with watertight caps that screw on and are plenty of heavy duty enough to hold up to continuous use.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread - But I yesterday was having this same quandary, and have ended on a Plano ‘Tackle box’ with the seperatable compartments, running the long way in the 15” length box. This will accommodate my 6" metal and wood blades to my 12" ‘tree trimming’ blades nicely, and I also use to identical box for my drill bits, and Jigsaw blades, so my blades are able to be stored in the same type of container which then together are easily storable and also easier to label/find. (I’m just a home owner, and not a pro, to be fair)

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18 In. Hercules Tool Bag from Harbor Freight works well for me. Holds my saw plus has 12 inside pockets that will hold 6 & 9 in. blades. Just lay the 12" blades in the bottom.

A welding rod tube would also work for the blades.

Odd thought here, but these should be available at military surplus stores…how about a parachute flare storage tube? These are watertight, should hold 12" blades, and are extremely durable. I still have one I used to hold sunglasses 17 years ago in Iraq.

I had the same need for storage, mostly 9-12". I cut a piece of 2" pvc glued one end cap, friction fit the other end, when I want it open, I shake it side to side with a hand on both caps (I don’t look at which side is fixed) the moveable one opens, nothing goes flying. Holds about 20-30.