Screw cutters for metric AND traditional?

Fred’s recent post reminded me of this: Pliers - Some Different Types

Some wire strippers include screw cutters in the jaw. I find these to be super useful, and I currently own some AWG-sized strippers that cut conventional-sized screws (I use a lot of 4-40 and 6-32), and I own some mm2-sized strippers that cut metric screws (the all-important M4 used in VESA monitor mounts, for instance!).

I realized recently, I don’t actually care about the stripper function! I have a better wire stripper (an old Stripax that just won’t quit), and I’m lugging around an extra pound of steel solely for the purpose of cutting screws.

Is there a better way? I could just cut off the stripper end of these tools to lighten them up, keeping only the screw cutters in the hub. I’d love a tool which does only the screw cutting, and combines all the sizes I care about into a single tool. (And hopefully leaves out the utterly-useless 5-40 notch.) Is there such a thing?

Years ago I spotted this device - but only for NC and NS threads.
Does not appear to be made any longer:

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I’ve not seen a wire stripper that is also a screw cutter - or I don’t guess I have. Any pics or site links?

meanwhile - and maybe this is the industrial engineer coming out. When I read screw cutter - I read that as device that cuts/makes screw threads. If instead you mean snips off ends of pre-made screws.

I would think nearly any strong wire snipper would do the job on any small screw like you mention

Here’s one that’s metric

Lots of others that will shear-off small NC thread and NF thread screws

They produce a fairly clean cut because the screw is supported in a threaded hole.- helping prevent deformation of the screw threads

OH SO - I don’t use those type of strippers but I guess I’ve seen that before. Never considered using it.

NWS wire cutters mostly have a part that is used to cut M3.5 metric screws.