Sears Selling Off the Craftsman Brand?

There has been speculation for years that cash-strapped Sears might sell of its Craftsman Brand. Well the speculation seems to be heating up:

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Interesting, was just watching local news and Kenmore is sponsoring the PGA event in Benton Harbor MI(Headquarters of Whirlpool who makes most Kenmore products) for the next 8 years I wouldn’t be surprised if Whirlpool buys the brand.

Maybe Sears is run by the underpants gnomes.
Phase 1) Destroy your brand name
Phase 2) ???
Phase 3) Profit.

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Really hoping they do this but dont let foreign investors buy it. I know there is an enterprising business that will see the profit in making Craftsman a wholly made in USA brand again, with good quality tools. If they do it right, it wouldn’t take much to get the word out and restore everyone’s hope in the american brand. Many of us have been waiting for years for them to turn around and get it right. And if they can’t make something right, cancel it, dont sell it anyway.

If Whirlpool buys, we’d get a hybrid craftsman/gladiator tool storage system which I would hope would be an impressive combination.

At one time Whirlpool made a batch of the Kenmore appliances - probably not the sewing machines