Share Your DIY Benchtop Accessory Clamp Design!

How would you design your own benchtop accessory clamp?

Something like the Knew Concepts mini clamp, for holding things like face shields, flashlights, or 3rd hands work-holding accessories.


Here are some links to commercially available items that may provide some ideas:

Here are some other links:

I have several different vise-grip pliers that I’ve welded a 1/4-20 stud on the top - used to mount camera ball-joints etc.
I also have a Lever Wrench

Thanks! I’ve seen a lot of those, but a lot of times there are 2 complications:

  1. Some table and bench clamps don’t open very wide.

  2. Many lack a way to attach 3rd party or DIY accessories.

That’s why I was impressed with the Knew Concepts design - it has a large clamping range, and it can work with any accessory you can build a 5/16" stem into. Maybe the stem must have at least one flat surface for anti-rotation measures, but that’s not difficult to do.

No doubt that the Knew Concepts clamp looks to be an elegant piece of tooling. Like you I love their fret saw.
I use Foredom tools and their clamp (used with their motor hanger rods:

while less elegant - also can hold a 3rd party item via a rod.