Short-length Allen keys with ball-end

Would anyone know who makes Allen keys (hex L-wrenches) that are short in length, ideally with a ball-end too?

Bondhus used to make short-length Allen keys, but they no longer appear on their website. Also, I only recall seeing ball-end L-wrenches that were quite long.

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Amazon , Bondhus 67037

Unfortunately the Bondhus 67037 keys are the ones with extra long arms!

Wiha has a set:

Ball End Hex Short Arm L-Key Black Metric 9 Piece Set

I bought them when I couldn’t get the discontinued Bondhus metric set to go w/ my Imperial set.

So does PB Swiss:

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Other than the ball end, if an allen key is too long, I’d recommend just cutting it off to the length you need. But, I think I’d be putting my foot in my mouth, now that I realize the ball-end part has a lot of importance here.

I agree about ball-ends. I doubt I’d buy Allen keys without them now.