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Can somebody help me out here? I got in the mood to buy a very good (probably very expensive also) socket wrench. I went to the SK tools dot com site and looked on their “Drive Tools and Sets” page, 154 items pictured, every one sold out. Next, out of curiosity, I went to their “Bits, Specialty Sockets and Sets” page, 262 items pictured every one sold out here too. Undaunted I went to their “Sockets and Sets” page, 652 items pictured and this time I got lucky, going through eleven pages (32 items per page) I found one socket still available but everything else sold out. Detecting a trend here I gave up on page 11. Is SK out of business? I suppose I could have looked at some of their other categories but I was so surprised by what I did look at I thought I’d report my experience here.

It looks like Stuart posted about this issue nack in May: SK Tools Set up a New Online Shop

Sadly, SK has gone the way so many popular brands have. Sold to a large overseas corporation that intends to–and likely will–profit from the name recognition.

Okay, thanks for that. Now that you mention it I vaguely remember that post. But it was in May! I have trouble remembering last week.

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