Slickdeals (Tools)

This website is about deals of all kinds, BUT there is a place within it that is nothing but tool deals. I have been looking at it since like 2007. It has a lot of active users and is always about as up to date as you can find anywhere with right now deals across all possible locations for any tool. I orginally went to this site for Black Friday items but over time I always go here when looking for tool deals…


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Slickdeals has convinced me out of a lot of money over the years…

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SD used to be my first stop on the computer every day!! I’ve cut WAY back; but you can set up alerts if you are looking for something in particular within a category.
I’m always in the hunt for more wire shelving(although, I may have reached my limit!).

SO many of the deals are one-offs or YMMV; but still a great way to find a bargain!