Smallest bit-holding screwdriver that’s high-quality


What do you think’s the most compact bit-holding screwdriver? (One that’s high-quality, preferably.)

For example, which bit-holding screwdrivers are smaller than the iconic PB Swiss Insider?


do you mean smallest as is shortest shank, smallest as in smallest handle?


the PBSwiss insider 3 has a fullsize handle with a short bit holder for a compact size. it holds 10 bits. they also make a stubby version that holds 6 bits and non ratcheting version. Very high quality with price to match.


I was thinking of something no larger than the PB Swiss Insider, but less expensive. Is there an inexpensive equivalent to the PB Swiss Insider that’s still decent quality?


wera 817r. it has a smallish handle and the bit holder is extendable and removable so it can be chucked up in a drill.


Thanks. That’s a good call on Wera. Unfortunately there’s too many to choose from!

Wera bit holding screwdriver range


If you’re looking for small bits, try Wiha’s System 4, it’s all 4mm bits, good quality.