Snow Shovels Recommendations

Being we are getting dumped on today in the northeast, it felt like the appropriate day to pose this question. What brand and type of snow shovel do you use/prefer? I have ~ 1,000 sq ft of drive and walkways to remove snow from and prefer to shovel over a snow blower.

I am currently using Garant 18" poly blade shovels with D handles. No fancy ergonomics, etc… But they have long handles which great for me as I am 6’5". Their blades are reaching end of life though after 4 seasons, they are chewed up. I was thinking about taking my grinder and smoothing out the blade; or maybe my heat gun and melting it smooth on my anvil- I have never tried either before and after Stuart’s post last week on Toolguyd got me thinking if it’s worth my time and effort- or just pluck down $20 for a new one.

Anyway- any brands and styles you prefer or recommend? Anyone ever smooth out a blade before?