Socket Screw Hex Drivers

Over at ToolGuyd – Stuart posted about a new hex bit socket set from Wera. He had previously discussed the topic of driver bits and holders versus dedicated sockets.

As usual “there are many different ways to skin a cat” – or in this case drive a hex-socket screw.
Here are a few:


Probably the cheapest – and sometimes the least satisfactory – means is to use a “L-Key”. Because this is an inexpensive tool – it is often included with “some assembly required” furniture kits and other things you buy that need to have socket screws installed. They are also sold individually or in sets, some with straight ends or

some with ball-ends:

some tamper resistant

some with screw-holding features
More often in long-arm pattern

some with magnetic tips

some insulated

Adding to my list, I encountered an issue that somewhere along the line I’m being thought of as a robot - so I may have to do some piecemeal additions:

More often in long-arm pattern

T-Handle Hex Drivers

Most folks feel that when you can use them – a step-up in ergonomics and convenience is a T-Handle hex driver:

More conventional

More conventional screwdrivers with fixed hex blades are also available

Straight end

Ball end



Hex bits typically come in drive sizes from 4mm hex drive, the ubiquitous ¼ inch hex drive

Ball end

Hex Plus

Tamper Resistant




Impact - Stubby

Some additional socket wrench choices:

Robot check – keeps me from posting links to the following items

Hex keys also come in other configurations:
some with stubby ends
some in short-arm pattern
More often in long-arm pattern
some – extra-long arm
some with pivoting heads

T-Handle Hex Drivers also come with:
plastic handles
some that have “L” configurations with 2 driver ends

Socket screwdrivers also come with:
Insulated shafts
Extra-Long shafts
Tamper Resistant ends
For Hi-Loks

Hex bit also come as
Ball end
Hex Plus
Tamper Resistant
Impact Rated

Socket wrenches also come in:
Hand - Stubby
Hand - Universal Joint
Hand - Ball-End
Tamper Resistant

I recently saw this set on Amazon:

Fred, great work on the links.

As an aside, I saw a great video on YouTube about the hex-plus drivers from Wera. This is a feature patent by Wera wnd as far as I know they offer it exclusively. The YouTube channel is called German Tool Reviews. He does a good demonstration of regular drivers compared to hex-plus on equally torqued fasteners. It was very evident the new style works very well. Maybe worthwhile for buyers looking for new hex drivers.

My absolutely favorite hex / socket set is a Silca T-ratchet (I got the optional torque arm):

Added a 1/4" socket adapter to it, and some other odds and ends in an Altoids case, and it’s in my grab tool bag.

Look nice for a bike road kit. How are the bits - regarding fit - compared to ones like PB Swiss or the Czech Wera’s? One Amazon reviewer grumbles a bit (note the pun) about this.

The bits are ground, and mine are reasonably sized — usually I use the PB Swiss bits from my Victorinox bike tool (one of these days, I’m going to have the money to just switch over completely) — I really wish that they’d just gone w/ PB Swiss bits instead of having them machined.