Socket sets/10 pieces vs 13 pieces


Hello all, newbie to the site. I would like to ask a question regarding socket sets. I have a mixed older and newer craftsman set. I’m looking to upgrade to a full set of Gearwrench. I am noticing on the 1/4 inch drive of most sets, they don’t have a full 13 piece set, mostly 10 pieces on the SAE set. Can I do without the three missing sockets? I know snap on has a full 13 piece set, but I don’t really want to spend a ton of money on them since I’m only a backyard mechanic. I do however want a full set, because I plan on using them for the rest of my life and i want to invest in something good.


check out SK or Proto also. I guess it matters more which are missing. I think my 1/4’s stop at 12 or 11 MM - and down to 4 so that’s what 10 sockets. Then the SAE runs something like 1/2 to 3/16. and I know for a fact I have a 5/32 but it’s special needs on a airplane.

Other sets that are solid product. Duralast tools from autozone - yes i KNow - but they are still made in taiwan that I know of and they work well. So I would call that a cheaper end. I will never buy a measured device from HF so no sockets.

Up the scale maybe look at the newer craftsman sold at lowes - it might be better quality hard to say.

finally I would buy SK sockets over snap-ons without thinking twice. Cost really. Check out williams (snap on parent) and proto/MAC .

I know there are others.