Socket Sizes please help

I’m having trouble with socket sizes and was wondering what is the ranges for 1/4" drive for socket sizes 1/8 - 9/16 and also for 3/8" drive with socket sizes 1/8 - 1.5 socket?

let me make sure I’m reading it right, you’re asking what the common socket size range for 1/4 drive and 3/8 drive.

common 1/4 drive sets will run from 3/16 to 9/16 but sets that are complete will run 1/8 - 11/16 and they often cost alot more for the uncommon sizes. So I would ask are you looking for something specific - or just a good common use range of sockets.

3/8th drive sets will run 5/16 - 3/4 inch give or take with complete sets running 5/16 or even 1/4 to 7/8 or 15/16. depending on the make and how much you want to pay. Most people don’t ever need the “master” or “complete” socket sets. you’ll see aircraft mechanics or car mechanics have them and some of those sockets are used once a year at most. Like the 11/32 that I have in my 1/4 drive kit.

Oh and do you need metric sockets?

you won’t find a 1/8th size socket in 3/8’s drive. It’s too small but you will find them in 1/4 drive.

+1 for what Napalm says

For 3/8 drive - my smallest SAE sockets are a Williams B-1208 and Williams B-608 - both 1/4 inch
For 3/8 drive - my largest regular SAE socket is a Williams B-628 - 7/8 inch - but I have a Proto 5282T and a Proto 5283T - 15/16 and 1 inch respectively - but these have universal joints
Williams also make the 32nd sized sockets - in 3/8 inch drive - I have 11/32, 13/32, 17/32 and 19/32

For 1/4 inch - my smallest SAE socket is a Williams M-604 - 1/4 inch - and a 9/16 IR 1/4 drive impact socket seems to be the largest size that I have