Southwire Now Offering USA Made Tools!

Hey Stuart and Benjamen, have either of you seen this news from Southwire? If I am late to the party, just ignore it. I must have missed the post.

I was watching Tools in Action on YouTube and they posted up a video showing a box full of pliers and at least some of them are made in America. Blue handles with red accents. To me, the strippers, diagonals, and cable cutters look identical to Klein. I am NOT saying they are made by Klein but they look a lot like them. I don’t know how that could work with Klein’s agreement with HD but I will say they did not appear to be as well finished. Who knows?

I am simply glad to see this development. I would never pay Lowe’s what they were asking for the poorer finished Chinese pliers they sell under that brand. Particularly when for the same kind of money you could buy Klein or Knipex. Maybe even some Gedore. I just wondered if you guys had heard any of this.

Here’s the video

This is a step in the right direction, in my opinion. I’m just about out of reasons to have to buy new hand tools, so most purchases are based off of country of origin and price. I’ll buy Kobalt and similar brands if the price is right, but for the price Southwire goes for I’ll head to The Home Depot for Kleins instead, or just pick up the less expensive Channellocks or the similar in price USA Ideal pliers.

I did get my first Southwire tool set a few weeks ago, though: a 3 piece test kit that originally sold for $30 that I found on clearance for $4.